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Brisbane Opal Museum is a World class cultural institution situated in the heart of Windsor, just 4 km away from the Brisbane CBD. This museum is one of the few museums dedicated to Opals, the Australian gemstone icon.

Located in Windsor, an historic suburb containing a variety of heritage listed sites, including the former Windsor Shire Council chambers and the incredible rock wall at the former Quarry Park.

The nearest opal mining town to Brisbane is Lightning Ridge, NSW, which is a 9 hour drive from the city. Thankfully, you don’t need to travel that far to see some of the most amazing opal specimens Australia has to offer.

With years of experience in dealing in opal jewellery and unset opals, serving both international tourists and locals, we know that what our customers want…

1.Quality product

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3.A large selection to choose from, and…

4.A reassuring money-back guarantee/warranty policy that gives our customers peace of mind.